Xtreme Lash FAQ


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, I want you to be comfortable with your decision to get eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a qualified lash stylist. Below are a few frequently asked questions to help you make the right decision.

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions – FAQ

Certified Stylist

To become an Xtreme Lash Stylist requires extensive training. When you are searching for a stylist make sure you ask them about their training. You should only go to a Certified Lash Stylist that was trained by a Qualified Xtreme Certified Trainer. Trained Lash Stylists often see the work of an unqualified professional first hand. Many have repaired the damage that has been done to a client. Below is an example of lashes applied by a careless technician (before) and the corrections done by Stlmakeup™ (after).

Make sure to ask them about their technique: They should Always cleanse and prime the lashes previous to applying lash extensions EVERY time. Make sure they customize the lashes by applying the correct length and thickness of each lash for Your individual lashes. Properly applied lashes should be adhered one by one. An individual synthetic lash is attached to a single natural lash. Untrained/careless Stylist often adhere several natural lashes together because they have not been trained to isolate a single natural lash or they are being careless and speeding through the application process, this can cause pain and, in the end, damage to the natural lashes. Properly applied eyelash extensions should be seen but not felt. There should be no discomfort during or after application. Trained professionals not only isolate a single lash as they apply, but constantly check throughout the application to ensure that no lashes are adhering together as they dry.

The image on the left is work by a careless Lash Stylist. The image on the right was performed by Stlmakeup to correct these mistakes. This was done after a removal of old set

A qualified, professionally trained, and highly skilled Xtreme Lashes™ Lash Stylist will take great care during the application process to provide great results. Before having eyelash extensions applied, ask to see the license & certificate of your technician.

What Are They?

Xtreme Lashes are not traditional false eyelashes. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes applied one by one directly to your individual strands of eyelashes for a natural look and feel.

Are They Safe?

Xtreme Lashes is committed to consumer safety and the long term health of the eyelash extensions industry by requiring hands on eyelash extensions training and certification through a certified Xtreme Lash Trainer in order to purchase eyelash extensions products. Furthermore, Xtreme Lashes only certifies licensed or credentialed health and beauty professionals.

How Long Do They Last?

With routine touchups every 2 to 4 weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely.